Web of Shadows

Episode 2
Off Leash

Another meet at the Dead Angel, another fetch run for Mr. Johnson. She wants a Geode created in the Ghost Dance eruptions of Mt. St. Helen and Mr. Ranier in 2017. It’s in the hands of a small collective of Sinsearach elves, and Mr. Johnson has the coordinates. Seems simple enough.

The Sinsearach are across the Metroplex border with NAN, so the runners need to find a way across. They decide to run the border in Puyallap Barrens, and enlist the aid (and a spare bike) from Norrin’s old buddies in the Cutters. It’s costs a few nuyen, but having them distract the NAN Rangers on the border is worth it.

Along the road to the border, the group crosses paths with a pack of feral ghouls. With Norrin and Basilisk on motorcycles simply running through the ghouls isn’t an option, so the runners engage. Norrin gets a nasty headache from a spell that surged on him setting fire to a ghoul, but the decisive action is Kitty in her van plowing through the ghouls.

A few hours past the border lies the Sinsearach village, although village is a bit of a stretch. Norrin and Eli’mel approach alone hoping not to earn the scorn of the technophobic elves and find a mere three lodges. Norrin tries to spin a yarn about surveying magical relics, but the canny Chief isn’t fooled. Convinced to come clean, Basilisk and Kitty make an appearance, but the Chief is unwilling to part with the Geode. The Chief insists the power of the Geode is too great to allow it fall in the wrong hands, but allows that they might come to an understanding if one of the runners submit to a test.

The Chief enchants a stone and Kitty volunteers to be tested. The stone triggers a Mind Probe where the Chief asks about “The Spider.” Kitty’s memory flashes to the spider tattoo on the guards at the last drop. The Chief declares to this tribesmen, “They serve the Spider!” and a battle is joined.

The Sinsearach bring considerable magical power to bear including an adept, enchanted stones that call lightning bolts, and an earth spirit. But the collective firepower of the runners is too much. When the smoke clears the earth spirit, now in service to Norrin searches out the Geode leaving the runners to ponder which side is good, which is evil, and which is theirs.

Episode 1
Come Into My Parlor

The runners meet for the first time at the Dead Angel bar. The team consists of Kitty the rigger/getaway driver, Norin the combat mage, Eli’Mel the weapons specialist and archery adept, and Basilisk the covert operator. Mr. Johnson arrives and delivers their assignment. The client needs a VIP recovered from the custody of a minor local corp. Pay is standard, the job is simple.

After grilling a few contacts but finding very little, the team heads for on-site recon. There’s little to no traffic outside the warehouse where the VIP is being held, a bad sign. A drone sweep reveals very little security outside, it looks like they aren’t expecting trouble. While Kitty monitors from the van, the others head in close. Basilisk heads to the rooftop, but finds no entries.

When one man leaves the loading dock to patrol the perimeter, the recon drone buzzes inside and gets eyes on the VIP. Inside a rudimentary barricade, the VIP, a technomancer, is being being kept sedated and inside a Faraday cage. The only other fortifications are a foreman’s office sitting above one corner. There appear to be only 4 guards, all well positioned to spot intruders.

The team meets at the front door while Baslisk fumbles with his Maglock passkey. Kitty sends in her Steel Lynx drone. Finally, unlocking the door, the team bursts in and makes quick work of the security team, including the mage in the foreman’s office. They gather up the VIP and receive the location of the exchange from Mr. Johnson.

Waiting at the exchange are 6 men in suspiciously nondescript long coats. Kitty’s sensors notice what appears to be a spider tattoo partially exposed on the lead’s neck. It looks an awful lot like the logo for Arenea Polydynamics, a local corp. Abertha, the technomancer, comes to in time for the swap, and gives Basilisk a hug before she absently allows herself to be led into the unmarked van by the not very well disguised security. The runners pack up and receive confirmation of their pay with a message from Mr. Johnson as a single gunshot rings out from the other van.

“Welcome to the shadows.”


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